If you go to Po…

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If you go to Polished Criminals and fill out their rafflecopter form, you could win one of three different gorgeous green nail polishes!



Another awesome giveaway (Urban Decay)

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So, the Drama & Makeup blog is having a 250 followers giveaway. It’s a Rafflefcopter, and the prizes are Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadows in Graffiti and Frigid. I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’ll win these, but go ahead and check it out.



Gorgeous Cases

Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow in Graffiti and Frigid

250 Followers – Blog Giveaway

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250 Followers – Blog Giveaway.

Don’t Give A Hoot

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I Dream Of Flying

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We thread our fingers together and I smile as you and mom swing all our arms backward and count to three slowly before shouting jovially “Weeeeee,” as you send me high into the sky.

I come back down, and realize I’m not a child anymore, and you’re never going to hold my hand again. You’re never going to lift me high again.

You both feel it’s your job to plant me firmly in the troposphere, my dreams forgotten.

I sit alone in this baker’s oven of a bedroom, my skin slick with sweat and my mind thick with hatred and loneliness.

Haven’t Written Much Since 2010

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I just imported a bunch of nonsensical poems. Yay.

I haven’t been able to write creatively for a while, now.

The desire is there, but I feel like my brain is mushy.

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I’m posting this in case any of my old friends are still on the notification list. I guess I’m going to try to revitalize this site, link to some of my publications, etc. IF I’M NEVER A FAMOUS AUTHOR I’M GONNA GO OUT LIKE DYLAN THOMAS!